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Setting Hostname in CentOS

June 23rd, 2008 No comments

CentOS/RHEL hostnames are specified in /etc/sysconfig/network with a HOSTNAME entry:
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Java on CentOS 5 VPS

June 22nd, 2008 No comments

A  couple of tips to installing Sun Java under CentOS 5:

Use the EPEL repository – this makes life much easier if you want to install Sun Java, otherwise the default Java installation is GCJ.

If Java won’t start, check and adjust vps conf values according to /proc/user_beancounters failcnt.

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Ubuntu Locale

June 21st, 2008 No comments

Connected to a remote VPS via SSH, I ran into problems installing Java with apt-get – error included stuff like the following:

perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
LANGUAGE = (unset),
LC_ALL = (unset),
LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"

The solution was to regenerate the locale with “locale-gen ” as follows:

locale-gen en_US.UTF-8
dpkg-reconfigure locales
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Ubuntu Codecs

June 16th, 2008 No comments

I really like Ubuntu and Hardy Heron is the best so far but the continual nonsense with codecs is a real pain. From here I stole the following:

Install Mplayer in Ubuntu Hardy Heron

You need to add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list file or you need to make sure you have enabled Universe and multiverse repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list file

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Make sure you have the following two lines save and exit your file

deb hardy universe multiverse
deb-src hardy universe multiverse

Now you need to run the following command to update the source list

sudo apt-get update

Install mplayer using the following command

sudo apt-get install mplayer

if you want to open mplayer just type



You can Open from Applications—>Sound&Video—> Mplayer Movie Player

Install libdvdcss2 and w32 video codecs in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

Support for WMV, RealMedia and other formats has been bundled into the w32codecs package. This package is not available from the Ubuntu repositories due to licensing and legal restrictions.

For Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Users run the following command

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list

Then, add the GPG Key using the following commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring
sudo apt-get update

For i386 Users install Codecs using the following command

sudo apt-get install w32codecs libdvdcss2

For amd64 Users install Codecs using the following command

sudo apt-get install w64codecs libdvdcss2

Using above download locations you can install most of the mutimedia codecs for ubuntu.

Mplayer Plugin for Firefox

If you want to install Mplayer with plug-in for Mozilla Firefox run the following command

sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer
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