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Thumbnailer with Exif Orientation Support

December 20th, 2007 No comments

My family website has literally thousands of photos and, to make life easier, I use Sebastien Windal’s mkthumb to automatically generate thumbnails. This works fine but doesn’t use the Exif orientation information in Jpegs (at least from my Nikon) to rotate thumbnails appropriately.

So I made a few minor changes, and voila! I also changed gdImageCopyResampled (better quality, slower) to gdImageCopyResized (lower quality, much faster). For thumbnails, the difference in quality is neither visible nor worth the extra processing time.

If anyone’s interested, I also have some ruby, php and perl scripts that, combined with simpleviewer, make a simple bulk photo web album.

Attached are two files: the first, mkthumb-2.0-src.tar.gz, contains Sebastien’s original mkthumb sources and the second, mkthumb-2.0-src-pk.tar.gz, contains my modifications.

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